Group information

WallVision designs, manufactures and sells high-quality wallpapers across almost the whole world through four strong brands. The company was founded in 1905 and is the leading player within the wallpaper industry on the Nordic market. Our vision is to become the internationally leading supplier within the premium segment for wallpapers. By leading we mean largest, most profitable and with the best brands on the market.

The parent company of the Group is WA Wallvision AB, with its registered office in Borås. The underlying trading group under parent company Waldemar Andrén Tapetdesign AB has its registered office in Borås and has five subsidiaries: WA WallVision Sweden AB in Sweden, John O. Borge AS in Norway, Cole & Son Ltd in the UK, Wallvision International Trading (China) Co. Ltd. in China and WA WallVision Development AB in Sweden. Production is primarily located in Borås.

WA Wallvision AB is owned by Litorina Coinvest L.P. with a 58 per cent stake. Senior executives within the Group own a seven per cent stake. Read more about our main shareholder Litorina here.

Own production

The group has centralised all production at its modern factory within the Viared industrial park in Borås. The factory combines traditional production techniques with new, rational manufacturing methods. The production of wallpapers uses only water-based colours and adhesive, and our raw paper materials come from one of the most environmentally friendly paper mills in the world, with a scheme for the replanting of trees.